PC does not recognize the processor

Check if the power on the processor is on (whether the fan is spinning). If the power is not on, see if AC adaptor is not loose at the connecting part.
Sometimes restarting the PC solves the problem, so restart the PC and see if it works.
If you are using FABOOL Laser Mini and processor is not recognized even though power is on, see if the driver is installed. (URL for driver installation is in the manual))

It does not operate

Check the type of browser. It is supported only on Chrome and FireFox. (Not compatible with Internet Explorer.) Check "wiring" part of assembly again.
If both browser and wiring are how it is supposed to be, unplug the USB cable, restart the PC and launch again.

Problems about importing data

Fill done in drawing software will not be reflected on processing data as it is. See the manual of FABOOL Laser Mini for more detail.

FABOOL Software does not import texts as it is. Set a color for strokes on drawing softwares and convert it to "path" before importing. See the manual of FABOOL Laser Mini for more detail.

It might be the case that no color is set for strokes. (figures are appearing with fil). Set a color for stroke and try again.

Color coding is possible only in SVG files. DXF and other files cannot do color coding.

FABOOL Software does not recognize images embedded in SVG, but can import all types of images directly so import images separately to FABOOL Software.

About repeated processing

To set it, click on "Add path" on settings of processing parameters on the right bottom of main page. For SVG, you can repeat only particular colors to repeat by selecting the color of path.

About out of alignment, distortion

Check if the timing belt is stretched. If it is loose, it does not transmit the spin of the motor well. Check that guide roller is adjusted; tight at the spindle and all the rubber is moving during operation. Also, check that screws to fix timing pulley are not too tight. If they are too tight, timing pulley might not spin properly.

To see the precision, cut out a maximum size of square and circle, measure diagonal line, and adjust tilt of frame.

Processing power is extremely low

There needs to be certain space in between laser module and material. Set the height of laser module with specific tool. For trial purpose, set the speed low and laser power 100%, and cut or engrave.

Cutting is uneven

Check if there is a distortion of the material. If there is, we recommend to use masking tapes to fix the material. Also, if angles of feet are not properly adjusted, distance to the material differs throughout the cutting area which results in uneven cutting. Especially for Mini, when processing clear/white/metal materials, laser radiation might be reflected or permeated and creates uneven cutting/engraving.

Machine stops during processing

PC might goes into sleep mode if there is no operation on PC for a certain period which stops the processing. Go to control panel to change the sleep mode setting.

Another possibility is that y-axis hitting the limit by slipping. If this is the case, please see the "Malfunction of y-axis".

Malfunction of Y-axis

Please check the following 3 points.

<1. Slack of Timing Pulley>
See if timing pulley is firmly fixed at the spindle of motor, and setscrews are tight.

<2. Tightness of Timing Belt>
If timing belt is too tight, too much burden is put on the stepping motor which results in malfunction. Loosen the timing belt and see if it works well.

<3. Adjustment of y-axis wheels>
[Please make sure to unplug before taking this procedure.] Move the y-axis with a hand to see it moves smoothly in the entire range of motion. If you feel stuck, make adjustments by turning the eccentric spacer. Please refer to the "Check Y-axis ⇒ Adjust V-slot" in the manual.

DC fan does not spin

When two DC fans in laser unit and PCB case do not spin, please check that AC adaptor is firmly inserted.
(When it is firmly inserted, LED light on the board turns on.)
When only the one in laser unit does not spin, please check the wiring of laser cable.
When only the one in PCB case does not spin, please check that the connector between DC fan and board is firmly plugged.

The machine works, but laser does not radiate

Please check that foot switch attached to the foot of the machine is touching the desk.
If it is not touching the desk, laser does not radiate for the safety purpose.
The "Safety device" sign in the FABOOL Software turns green when the foot switch is firmly pushed to the desk.